What are the four main factors to consider when buying a piano?

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Purchasing something for the first time always has a soothing feeling but also daunting pressure on if you will get the best quality for the amount you intend to spend.


Piano Purchases are no different as more than half of the buyers are usually are uncertain about what to look for when it comes to buying a piano. It is quite tricky when it comes to selecting the right piano as no piano is the same to the other from the size to the colour and even the tone.


Below are some key factors to take into consideration when buying a piano.


  1. Quality

A piano with a higher quality soundboard and strings will provide improved resonance and range. The exterior part of the piano is crucial too. No matter how good the inner workings are, poorly made cabinet results in negative sound output.

  1. Size

Generally, larger pianos tend to produce higher quality sound. They make a smoother sound in the transitioning of registers as they are built with longer strings. While it would be fantastic if every pianist had a concert grand piano, the living space must be considered. The size of the room will also impact the acoustic of the piano.

  1. Appearance

This factor may vary from person to person. Some can find the appearance of the piano to be very crucial as it can be a statement piece of art at home. Others do not see it as a factor. Pianos come in different shades. Black and mahogany are the most common because it complements a wide variety of home décor.

  1. Budget

Piano purchase costs are usually, if not always determined by the quality and size of the instrument. The premium quality pianos may be expensive as they are built from durable materials that lead to a longer life span. However, less costly models are also available for those with a smaller budget.

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