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We offer music lessons at our Music Academy for both beginner and intermediate levels at affordable prices.

Our Music Academy at our Karen headoffice offers a wide range of instruments such as:

  • Piano, drums, saxophone, guitar, violin, trumpet, flute, voice

Our music lessons are limited to a maximum of one hour so as to leave ample time for the student to try out and practice what they have learnt. We offer one-on-one lessons between one tutor and one student, in order to provide the student with more time and exposure to the instrument of choice.

The individualized tutoring goes a long way to help the student grasp and retain more than what they would in a group lesson.

Please enquire about our well thought-of and affordable packages.



Other Services

Piano Tuning

We have highly trained piano tuners with great knowledge and experience in the latest piano technology to service and maintain your piano to host a pure melodic sound.

Piano Transportation

Wondering how to get the piano to the location? our dedicated team is equipped with skills, expertise and reliability to support your piano transportation need by ensuring your piano is in exactly the right place at exactly the right time.

Music Lessons

We offer lessons to every level at a flexible pace to cater for everyone’s needs, availability and budget.


Piano Rental

Do you have a special occasion that needs to be celebrated differently? We are here to complete the puzzle. We shall deliver, set up, tune and collect your rental piano after the event.

Karen Showroom & Headoffice


  • The Well Shopping Mall,
  • Langata Road
  • Phone: 0722 797 128 | 0707 655 000

Our customers enjoy:

  • Free parking
  • Free refreshments
  • A serene environment
  • Friendly & competent staff


our showroom in Karen

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