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Do you have a piano at home or an institution that you are running into some trouble maintaining its condition?

Here are seven essential piano care tips every piano owner needs to know to gain the most enjoyment from their beloved instrument.

  • Keep your piano tuned regularly. A piano’s pitch falls every year due to the swelling and contraction of its soundboard. The weather changes also affect the pitch of the piano. We recommend tuning high use pianos at least once a year.
  • Always place your piano away from sunlight, moisture, and direct air currents. It is also advisable to place it against an inner wall as direct sunlight fades and warps your piano finish. Moisture in the air, in turn, affects the internal mechanism of the piano, even making the strings to rust.
  • Regularly wipe the dust from the piano’s surface with a clean dusting cloth. Piano keys should be cleaned using a cloth damp with water mixed with dish washing detergent. All forms of liquids should always be kept away from the pianos at all costs.


  • The action, strings, soundboard, and other internal components should be left to a qualified piano technician to clean and service. Do not touch the inner workings of a piano or put foreign objects into the piano’s cabinet.
  • Avoid moving the piano. Moving the piano might seem harmless, but it can cause more harm than good. When not done correctly, it leads to the piano going off-tune and can even cause severe injuries if it falls on you. If it needs to be moved, it is advisable to hire a professional piano mover.


These piano care tips can add years of life to your piano.

Heeding these essential tips will result in an exceptional instrument of durable quality and will avoid the cost of any unnecessary repairs.


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