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Piano Tuning in the simplest term is the process of adjusting the tension of the strings on an acoustic piano for it to sound melodious and harmonic throughout the whole pianos’ tonal range.

A more complex definition of piano tuning is a process by which through using acoustical laws one alters the pitch or vibration frequency of the piano strings on the tuning pins. Pianos are mainly tuned to a standard concert pitch so as to enable the pianist to perform in harmony with the players of other instruments. This concert pitch is A440. The A note right above the middle C is tuned to vibrate at 440 cycles per minute. Tuning the rest of the rest of the strings is a matter of proven mathematical calculations to attain an equally spaced and tempered sounding piano.

fn = f0 * (a)n


f0 = the frequency of one fixed note which must be defined. A common choice is setting the A above middle C (A4) at f0 = 440 Hz.
n = the number of half steps away from the fixed note you are. If you are at a higher note, n is positive. If you are on a lower note, n is negative.
fn = the frequency of the note n half steps away.
a = (2)1/12 = the twelfth root of 2 = the number which when multiplied by itself 12 times equals 2 = 1.059463094359…

The wavelength of the sound for the notes is found from

Wn = c/fn

where W is the wavelength and c is the speed of sound. The speed of sound depends on temperature, but is approximately 345 m/s at room temperature.

The above formula and the correct tools can empower anyone to tune a piano somewhat. The quality of that tune however is not as assured as the result of the above formula.

It is quite easy to break a piano string. Which is the least destructive result. Other major uncertifiable damages to the piano might occur pouring you investment of an acoustic piano down the drain together with some of your confidence levels after being unsuccessful.

What makes piano tuners stand out is their understanding of these acoustical laws, tonal qualities and a great number of experiences through hundreds of pianos tuned. The quality and sustainability of a piano tune done by a professional technician is close to none.

Pianos mainly go off tune due to the sheer amount of tension of about 90kgs per string. This causes them to stretch and vibrate slower than they should. The tension also in some acoustic pianos cause the pins to unscrew on the pinblock. Other factors leading to a piano going of tune is the amount of usage it sees, the climate conditions

At Wow Pianos we offer piano tuning and maintenance so you do not have to go through the hassle and bustle of doing it yourself. We pride ourselves in the use of the latest tuning equipment’s and tools to make sure your piano sounds as good as new. Above and beyond tuning your piano, we also do basic and minor regulation, voicing & basic cleaning of your piano.

We also offer extensive voicing and regulating services to give it that bright rich sound.

For more call Sam Muriithi at 0754 737362 today to also schedule your appointment.

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