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Mathematics and Pianos

by | Jun 16, 2020 | 0 comments

The “Mozart effect‟ is the theory which suggests that people who listen to classical music will become smarter. This is because it temporarily improves their spatial-temporal reasoning which gives people the ability to mentally picture and move multiple objects to solve problems in their minds. This skill is essential in exceeding in mathematics.

On top of this, factors depend on the subject at hand. And playing the piano is especially good for developing skills needed in practicing math –spatial reasoning. This means that taking piano lessons is like killing two birds with one stone. Other benefits acquired through learning to play pianos include:

  • Concentration levels increase on several fronts

There is more to playing the piano than merely tapping the keys; you also must read and appreciate the music which takes a lot of focus.  The pianist must understand the note and rhythm, translating it into movements on the keyboard. Increase   in   concentration   levels   is   also   essential   in   tackling   mathematical equations.

  • Kids perform better in mathematical problems after taking piano lessons

Studies suggest that kids who play instruments improve academically with higher grades. For those who specifically played the piano, they especially perform better in mathematical ratios and fractions.

According to Psychologist [ Dr Frances Rauscher] and physicist [Dr Gordon Shaw] led a study on children who received piano tuition by giving them spatial-temporal reasoning tests and comparing their scores to the results from kids who did not play any instruments.

Dr Frances Rauscher said, “Young children provided with instrumental instruction score significantly higher on tasks measuring spatial-temporal cognition, hand-eye coordination and arithmetic.“

The research supports the fact that learning to play pianos for children improves their ability to solve mathematical problems.

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