Rud Ibach Sohn – Acoustic Grand Piano

Rud Ibach Sohn – Acoustic Grand Piano


Rud Ibach was originally established in 1794 by Johannes Adolph. The firm was originally known as “Ibach Piano & Organ Manufactures”. The company split into two separate firms in 1869 – one division was an organ company, the other division a piano company. The Piano Company went on to be known as the Rud. Ibach Sohn Piano Company. Instruments by Ibach are of superior quality and are highly celebrated throughout Europe.

Instruments have a very long lifespan, are inherited over generations, and passed on again and again. Fame and reputation - top performance admired by great musicians. Songs of praise by great musicians who shaped their generations for over two centuries are proof of the fame and reputation of Rud Ibach pianos.

It is not just a beautiful piece of brown colored antique furniture; the quality of the piano will compare to any top-quality new piano.

This Rub Ibach is synonymous with a full rounded tone, weighted keys, with a large volume and presence. Today the family business is in its 7th generation. An Ibach instrument is the result of more than 200 years’ experience in piano making.

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Grand Piano



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98cm(H) by 203cm(D) by 153cm(W)

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